About us

NOVA is an IT company representing a segment of corporate software products with the specialization “expert systems”. The focus of our products is the automation
and efficiency of business processes.

General information

NOVA is an IT company representing a segment of corporate software products with the specialization “expert systems”. The focus of our products is the automation and efficiency of business processes.

The mission is to develop global corporate software products.

Vision – key decisions in the world are made on the basis of data provided by NOVA software products.

The goal is to achieve a leading position in the software market.

  • Information is one of the most valuable resources in the world.
  • Automation of work with information is a priority due to the redundant volumes of information in the world and the impossibility of its processing by man.
  • The effectiveness of decisions made directly depends on the quality of the information on the basis of which they are made.
  • Over the next decade, the competitiveness of companies with an optimized staff and a high degree of automation of business processes will increase substantially.
  • The progressive development of most markets is only possible with the use of global services that optimize their work.

Background of appearance

The reason for the creation of the company NOVA is the answer to the problems of the information explosion - the constant increase in the speed and volumes of information in the volumes of the planet.

It is predicted that by 2020 the number of digital bits in the information universe will be compared with the number of stars in the physical universe: the data volume will reach 44 trillion gigabytes. Only a third of this digital chaos will be useful, that is, it can be analyzed and taken into account. Unfortunately, it is necessary to take into account the fact that computers are still much better able to generate data than to extract from them.

So that the informational avalanche does not bury civilization under itself, mankind must create software products that can help to adapt to the bloated digital universe.

Actually, this is what happens: qualitative information is now regarded as the most valuable resource, it is called “new oil”, and decisions based on its analysis become the key trend in the technological revolution, innovative economy and science.

Who owns the information, he owns the world.
N. Rothschild


In 2017, a group of experts from different sectors of the market (finance, real estate, industry, IT), concerned about the problems of the information explosion, after analyzing their experience in building algorithms for working with information and seeing the enormous prospects for the development of the IT market, decided to jointly develop global services for efficient work with information.

According to preliminary estimates by International Data Corporation (IDC), the volume of the global IT market in 2018 exceeded $ 4 trillion, an increase of 4.2% compared with 2017. According to IDC experts, by 2022 the IT market will exceed $ 4.5 trillion, while more than 60% of global GDP will come from digital technologies and solutions. Details are available on the website of International Data Corporation.

In 2018, a unique methodology for working with data was formed - a system of analytical models that underlies any future product of the company.

Based on a systematic analysis of the development of information technologies, a market segment was defined and detailed - the development of corporate software products with the specialization “expert systems”.

According to analysts, the main driver of growth in the global IT market in 2018 was corporate software products, sales of which grew by about 10% and reached $ 389 billion. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a -Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) - the provision of software products as a service, stimulate the growth of this segment, because it focuses on improving customer service. Details are available on the website of Gartner.

In addition, summing up the existing developments and the results of multiple negotiations with government representatives and large businesses, the market for the first global service, the global real estate market, was determined.

Today, the value of the entire world real estate reaches at $200 trillion and it is 2.5 times the total global GDP ($ 80 trillion), with annual growth rates. According to the international companies Savills, in the first quarter of 2018, the total value of global real estate increased by 18.2%.

In the first quarter of 2018, the office of the company was opened in St. Petersburg to achieve the goals set. During this period, the brand and development strategy of the company until 2030 were worked out in detail and created. In close cooperation with representatives of global consulting companies in real estate, finance and IT, the concept of a future global service and its marketing strategy was developed, a business model and business requirements for a software product were formed.

In the second half of 2018, NOVA entered the stage of informational openness. Active networking has started: the official website of the company was launched, as well as social networking pages. A number of open meetings with investors and project partners took place. Top managers of the company took part in a number of important industry-specific market events in Russia and in Europe.

In 2018, the development of internal accounting units of the company and a decentralized application for their storage was completed. “NOVA Safe” “– a set of software products. Internal accounting units of the company are part of the developed global service for the global real estate market, and also possess the essence of the company's securities.”

The year 2015 marked the beginning of the digital era of securities, when the US Securities Commission (SEC) approved the application of Overstock.com to issue shares via the Internet, that is, digital shares. The technological shift in the securities market is based on two components: digital securities and decentralized exchanges - a new technology that allows its users to interact with each other on a distributed layer in accordance with the requirements of regulators, but not relying on centralized structures (single point of failure).

One of the important results of 2018 was the holding of the first round of funding. During the round, presentations and working meetings were held with representatives of investment funds, as well as with a number of large private investors working in the IT sector. As a result of the round, additional financing of the company was attracted.


The year 2019 started with the planned opening of the company's European office in Tallinn, Estonia, which increased the company's overall status and also simplified interaction with international partners.

Today, Estonia is one of the world leaders in the field of information technology, as well as an industrial and logistics center with a developed sector of global business services. Given this fact, unique conditions were created in the country for the synthesis of new knowledge and digital business.

NOVA pays great attention to the legal protection of their ideas and best practices. In this connection, it is worth noting that European jurisdiction also contributes to the protection of intangible assets of the company in terms of their patenting.

Today, the processing center of the HEAD CUBE , company, which is the main information center through which working interactions of all corporate units are carried out, is in the active development. It systematizes and proceeds all the processes and data. In parallel with the development, the implementation of ready-made elements in the current business processes of the company is underway, the work on optimization is being carried out both in terms of software products and hardware infrastructure.

The technological trend in automating business processes solves two major tasks at once: it increases business efficiency and contributes to the growth of the quality of life of employees and the team as a whole, helping to reduce staff turnover and attract the best specialists, who are primarily interested in professional development.

According to the production plan for the development of a global service - the NOVA Realty platform, the conditions and criteria of algorithmic models are detailed to the extent that they can be automated. Testing of ready-made solutions, tools and development methods for the implementation of the architecture, functional modules of the software package is also conducted. In additiosn, research and development of the final solution for the platform architecture and functional blocks are in the active stage.

Today, the real estate industry is actively developing a new industry - Property Technologies (PropTech). PropTech includes the whole range of modern information technologies and strategic innovative approaches applicable and applied in different segments of the real estate market (commercial, residential, infrastructure, etc.).

At the same time, NOVA is actively working on the process of preparing public offerings of securities. This procedure includes the fulfillment of all the requirements of the regulatory authorities that apply to a public international IT company.

Development strategy

Until the end of 2021, the company concentrates all its resources on developing its first global service, the NOVA Realty platform. During this time, work will be carried out on the development of a minimally working version of software products for testing the correctness of information products and a complete assembly of a set of software products, including a full-featured infrastructure and all modular components. Also in this period, activities related to the implementation and debugging of ready-made solutions for the first users of the platform will be conducted.

According to expert's expectations, by 2021, at least 50% of world GDP will be associated with digital technologies. The investment attractiveness of companies will largely depend on the implementation of platforms and ecosystems, the value of data and the degree of customer involvement. IDC experts believe that in three years more than half (60%) of companies will have digital transformation strategies that will begin to be implemented.

In 2022, a public startup of the platform will occur, and the first transactions will be performed with it. NOVA will be engaged in the maintenance and support of the service, as well as the modernization of individual products and the introduction of new software products into the complex.

Along with this, NOVA will move to the final stage of development of the Processing Center “Processing core v0.51” and minimize the human factor in its work, which will directly affect the efficiency of the entire company.

According to IDC estimates, by 2022, the highest growth in the information technology market will be shown by services and software related to the so-called third platform (cloud computing, mobile technologies, big data, analytics and social services) and digital transformation projects.

By 2030, NOVA plans to occupy a leading position in the IT market in the software development segment. In addition to reaching the planned indicators of the main product, the company plans to develop a number of other automated services.

The graph below is showing the growth dynamics of NOVA's capitalization.

Control points for estimation of the NOVA company capitalization: 1st qtr 2017 – the idea of creating a company that develops global services to work effectively with information.

1st qtr 2017 – the idea of creating a company that develops global services to work effectively with information.

1st qtr 2018 – NOVA company office opening.

2nd qtr 2019 – primary placement of securities of the company on specialized trading platforms.

4th qtr 2022 – ending the first financial year after the startup of the first service of the company.

4th qtr 2026 – the end of the fifth fiscal year after the startup of the first service of the company.

4th qtr 2030 – the end of the ninth fiscal year after the startup of the first service of the company.


Today, NOVA is an actively developing IT company that has all the resources and capabilities to enter the first echelon of the global IT market in the near future. The unique principle of building work in a company - the desire to optimize each process, allows you to provide an important competitive advantage in the struggle for the first position in the market, while not spending enormous amounts of resources on operations.