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NOVA is a technology company that owns all rights to the NOVA Realty platform and develops a digital ecosystem for the global real estate market.

General information

Using technology to optimize the business processes of the global real estate market, as well as to realize new previously inaccessible opportunities.

Create a global digital ecosystem for the global real estate market.

Take a leading position in the Property Technology (PropTech) segment.


  • An integrated approach to digital transformation (End-to-End Digitisation). Only by combining cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge and professional experience is it possible to create an effective digital ecosystem at the industry level.
  • Information is a key to the future. The speed, quantity and quality of processed information is the key to the development of any company in the modern digital world. The effectiveness of the decisions made directly depends on this.
  • Creating value for society. We create solutions that bring real value to our customers and society.

Company history


In 2017, a group of experts from various fields (finance, real estate, manufacturing, IT, management), having analyzed their experience in macroeconomy, understanding of the global geopolitical situation, structuring of international deals, work with large databases, made the decision to jointly develop global services for efficient work with information.

This year, a research of the IT market was completed. Based on systematic analysis of the development of information technology, the market segment for the company’s development was determined, namely the development of software with specialization in digital ecosystems.

Considering that the key for development of any company in the modern world of information is the speed, quantity and quality of the processed information in order to achieve leading positions in the rapidly developing software market, the decision was made to create an internal product the processing center to automate internal processes of the company, work with large databases, and to facilitate their search, storage, analysis and actualization.

The individual professional experience of the team members started to appear as analytical models, algorithmic models and information products.

An important event this year was the creation and approval of a methodology to develop software products from a concept to a complex of computer products, generated using our own elaborations.

Having summed up our existing work experience with representatives of government bodies and major businesses, as well as the knowledge of the team members, the market for the first commercial product of the company was selected — the global real estate market.

The corporate identity and logotype of NOVA were created and the name was chosen for the first commercial product of the company - NOVA Realty.

The general strategy for the development of the Company was established until 2030, aimed at the intensive development of NOVA and taking a leading position in the global software market, was developed and approved.


In order to achieve these goals, an office of the company opened in the first half of 2018 in St Petersburg and market research of the global market PropTech was completed. The tactical plan for the development of the company was formed for the next 4 years.

In cooperation with representatives of global consulting companies in real estate, finance and IT, the concept, marketing strategy, business model and business requirements for the digital ecosystem NOVA Realty were developed.

In the second half of 2018, NOVA reached a stage of information openness. Active networking began: an official website and social network pages were launched. A number of meetings took place with investors and project partners. Top managers of the company participated in several important industry events in Russia and European countries.

The development of an interactive prototype of a global service for the global real estate market NOVA Realty was started.


This year began with opening a European office in Tallinn, Estonia, allowing the company to enter the European Union market, facilitating interaction with international contractors, auditors and investors.

NOVA pays a lot of attention to protecting of its intellectual propertу. Due to this, we applied for international patents for our software products. Applications for registration of trademarks "NOVA" and "NOVA Realty" was also submitted.

An interactive prototype of NOVA Realty is developed. As part of media activity, company representatives attended the main events of the world real estate market (MIPIM and MIPIM PropTech), as well as various IT conferences and events in France, Estonia, Germany, and Russia.

A series of articles about the company in Russian and Estonian media has been published. In Tallinn, Moscow and St. Petersburg, events were held dedicated to the PropTech segment and its impact on the global real estate market with the presentation of the interactive prototype NOVA Realty.


Faced with the challenges of 2020, NOVA has adjusted its plan of action and developed a new strategy taking into account external risk factors and new market realities. It was based on the decision to choose one of the most promising regions and focus on it.

When analyzing the main factors from the study, the Middle East region, and Dubai in particular, appeared to be the most promising for the implementation of the Company's new strategy.

Through timely response to global events triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and prompt management decisions, NOVA has not only minimized the adverse impacts, but has also accomplished several critical tasks:

  • Development of the NOVA REALTY service. The components of the platform have been worked out: Modeling, Messenger and Terminal. The technical project containing the product knowledge base has been finalized. Customer Journey Map has been completed on all components. Product and technical solutions have been prepared. A microservice and non-functional service architecture has been written. The integration part of the platform has been finalized based on the Smart City & Digital twin technology research. Development process standards and regulations (SDLC) have been improved. The system and product infrastructure has been deployed and configured. All development processes have been successfully secured and automated. Data collection and analysis systems have been implemented. All microservices have been integrated through the product infrastructure.
  • Interaction with NOVA Realty users. In order to maintain active feedback from the global real estate market, a large number of private personal demonstrations of the prototype were conducted. The future users of the service - professional consultants, representatives of state authorities and international investors - highly appreciated the service functionality. Experts were also unanimous in their opinion that thanks to high-tech tools offered by NOVA Realty, international real estate market participants will be able to continue their professional activity in the new post-COVID environment.
  • Media activity. The lack of specialized offline events due to the ban on holding them prompted NOVA to master a new format and participate in online conferences such as: Annual Investment Meeting 2020, BuildIT & PropIT 2020, Digital Transformation of the Global Real Estate Market. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow and a number of others. The company also attended offline events Äripäev in Tallinn and GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.
  • Company Audit. An independent European audit has verified the value of NOVA's intangible assets (IA) at € 31,860,000.
  • Protection of intellectual rights. Throughout 2020, the NOVA Realty service patent application was being worked on. Preparations were made to deposit the following IA to NOVA's balance sheet.

The outcome of NOVA's activities in 2020 was a new detailed action plan to return to a long-term strategy leading to the global goal of making NOVA Realty the premier service for the international real estate market.

Development strategy


NOVA Realty's main goal for 2021 is to launch the NOVA Realty service and conduct the first transactions, which will demonstrate the broad functionality and high-tech tools of MVP NOVA Realty.

To accomplish this goal, NOVA plans to take the following actions:

  • Opening of the front office in Dubai. Opening of a subsidiary in the Dubai Internet City Special Economic Zone, which will facilitate interaction at an official level with government officials, as well as with real estate market players at a local and international level.
  • Increase in the Company's staff, including top management. The investment, development, marketing, personnel, finance and legal, administrative and operational, and development departments will be strengthened to fulfill the set tasks.
  • Signing of agreements. In order to accelerate the Company's development, a number of partnership agreements are scheduled to be signed in 2021. Cooperation agreements will be signed with representatives of state authorities of Dubai, banking institutions, major real estate players, investment funds, as well as organizations that provide access to digital registries and databases.
  • Integration of NOVA Realty service. Launch of NOVA Realty MVP service in Dubai with technical connection to data sources. Infrastructure will be implemented for the test and working circuits, including all participants in the value chain in the service, and commissioning will be performed.
  • Increasing brand awareness of NOVA and NOVA Realty. Growth of media activity using various promotional methods such as PR, conducting our own and participating in third-party international events, digital and affiliate marketing, media relations, etc.
  • Intangible Assets of the Company. Preparation and recording of newly created IA on NOVA's balance sheet.
  • Participation in Dubai EXPO. Presentation of NOVA Realty's key features and benefits to future users at the world International Exhibition Dubai EXPO. Signing of user agreements to plan further development.

In addition, in 2021 it is planned:

  • Planned work with NOVA Realty. The development of the service will continue - new functions and tools will be added.
  • Protection of intellectual rights. Work is planned on obtaining patents, copyright protection, trademark registration in the Middle East region.
  • Head Cube. Research for the internal intelligent information system will be resumed.

The implementation of the actions planned for 2021 will allow to return to the strategic course of the Company.


During this period, the world's largest media will actively cover transactions on the NOVA Realty platform.

Nova is planning to launch the formed Head Cube process automation system to accelerate the processing of incoming information in the internal processes of the company and receive feedback from users to improve the overall system.


NOVA plans to take a leading position in the IT market in the software development segment. NOVA Realty should become the main service for the global real estate market.

In this period, the full functionality of Head Cube will be activated, which will allow NOVA to carry out constant monitoring of the global economy and analyze global macroeconomic trends in order to identify areas for the deployment of new digital ecosystems.

Maximum automation of business processes within the Company and interactions with external contractors will be carried out, which will minimize the human factor and will directly affect the efficiency of all stages of NOVA's operation.

It is planned to create a charity fund, involving famous politicians, entrepreneurs and public figure.

It is planned to create an investment division of the company to search and help the development of young companies whose activities are aimed at improving the world with the help of high technologies.

More detailed information is available in the document «Company NOVA Business Plan».


Today NOVA is an actively developing company with a clear strategic development plan aimed at achieving a leading position in the Property Technology (PropTech) segment.

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