Key Feature

The base of NOVA company is the desire to optimize each process.

Key Feature

The base of NOVA company is the desire to optimize each process, since in the current market conditions, the effectiveness of decisions made depends directly on the quality of the information on which they are made. Considering this, we are building the company's work around the technology of intelligent information processing and implement the integrated information management tool HEAD CUBE.

HEAD CUBE is an investment in the future of the company. Considering the current level of competition in the market, automation and optimization of business processes are a direct necessity. Therefore, today corporate information systems are becoming an integral part of the success of a modern company.

HEAD CUBE is the main information center through which working interactions of all corporate units are carried out. It systematizes and processes all the processes and data. All the systems operating in HEAD CUBE have a high degree of automation and are integrated with a large number of external services and facilities.

Business processes and all the interactions at NOVA meet modern market standards and comply with the principles:

  • Robotic process automation. A technology for automating business processes based on the concept of tools that perform human cyclical actions.
  • Content Intelligence. Automated corporate data processing technology based on natural language processing technologies (NLP).

HEAD CUBE allows you to implement the order of actions for each process and reduce their execution time, as well as helps to improve communication between employees, structural departments and outsourcing companies. Such changes can reduce operating costs and increase the financial performance of companies i as soon as practicable.

Tasks performed by HEAD CUBE are directly related to the main activity of the company and are classified as follows:

  • System data storage;
  • Stream collection of news data;
  • Formal data analysis;
  • Project data management;
  • Resource data management;
  • Managing data about external interactions;
  • Commercial data management.

The scheme below shows the corporate units interaction.

Corporate units:

1. Board of Directors. Defines strategic tasks and reference points and transmits to HEAD CUBE. The automatic reports generated in HEAD CUBE help to control the overall development vector and key performance indicators.

2. Managing staff . Develops tactics to achieve goals, selects tools, executors. Conducts full interaction with counterparties through the HEAD CUBE

3. Support and Development. It supports HEAD CUBE, implements new functions, adapts all corporate units for work. It bears an important data processing and formalization function, which currently HEAD CUBE is not able to fully implement.

4. Contractors. Outsourcing companies that are executors in all the processes of the company.

The advantages of our approach:

  • The company as a whole and the decision makers have relevant and reliable data on both the external market and the processes within the company.
  • All internal information created in the course of work is stored and systematized.
  • The speed of research within the company's projects is multiplied.
  • Reduced staff costs and general expenses due to the increased degree of automation.
  • Increase of the general information security of the company due to the centralized management.

An early version of HEAD CUBE is already integrated into all NOVA processes. Currently, even with a minimally sufficient degree of automation of work with information and the development of nodes, a large increase in productivity has been registered. The vector of development HEAD CUBE is focused on the full automation of all nodes and the maximum reasonable reduction of staff.

HEAD CUBE is the first step towards fully automated companies and a more efficient global market. The use of intelligent information processing technology will allow the company NOVA to make a competition to current players and to take a significant IT-market share.