NOVA Carries out a Study

august 31, 2020

The COVID 2019 coronavirus infection has become one of the most serious challenges of recent decades for the global property market.

In this regard, NOVA has conducted a study among groups of future users of the NOVA Realty platform to find out how the pandemic has affected the relevance of and demand for its product for the property market. More than 100 employees of the largest companies – investors, professional consultants, asset holders and government officials – took part in the focus groups.

During the study, participants were shown a prototype of NOVA Realty with a detailed explanation of its functionality, followed by an in-depth interview to ensure that the platform’s functionality met the professional needs of market participants.

The study confirmed the need for the NOVA Realty service as the main tool for the international property market. Most of the experts questioned agreed that NOVA Realty is a promising service whose potential has become even more obvious against the background of travel bans and other additional restrictions associated with the pandemic.

Thanks to the extensive functionality and high-tech tools offered by NOVA Realty, participants in the international real estate market have come to the conclusion that they will be able to continue their professional activities in the new post-COVID environment. In addition, the launch of NOVA Realty will help reduce time and financial costs at all stages of real estate work, as well as facilitating the process of investing in international transactions.

It is worth noting that most experts surveyed expressed a desire to use the NOVA Realty service in their work since its launch. And some respondents expressed their intention to act as consultants in further work to develop the service.

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