Product updates #3

july 16, 2020

Large-scale update of the NOVA Realty prototype. In the previous period, our team worked on expanding the prototype’s integrated functions and improving the user interface.

Research functional unit

  • Improvement to the upper level functionality of the “Map Satellite” module.

  • Addition of “Background information about the country. Macroeconomics” when searching for real estate.

  • Addition of “Reference information about the locality. Macroeconomics” when searching for real estate.

  • Addition of “Smart ruler” tool when using the map.

  • Addition of template for “Competitive environment” information layers.

  • Addition of template for “Infrastructure facility” information layers.

  • Updated mass data acquisition and processing system “State Register of Real Estate Objects”.

  • Improvement of the access functionality of the “Map. Satellite. Retrospective” module.

  • Templates added for the “Map. Satellite. Retrospective” module.

Modeling functional unit

  • Recognition of documents with XLSX and XLSM extensions added, as well as automatic field-filling for primary data entry into the “Building a financial model” module.

  • Correction of errors in the “Real estate usage functions” module.

  • Addition of “Manual data entry” for the “Technical and economic indicators. Spatial planning” module.

  • Improvement of the “3D-modeling” module.

Terminal functional unit

  • Addition of “Dashboard” module.

  • Updated “External BIM services” interface.

  • Updated “Getting confirmation from external sources” system.

  • Updated “Payments. Analytics tools” interface.

  • Updated “Office management tools”system: “Project and resource management”, “Document management project” and “Interaction with external contractors”.

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