NOVA and Terminus Group co-host series of business events

march 18, 2022

Dubai, UAE, March 2022: As the end of Expo 2020 Dubai approaches, Terminus Group and NOVA are hosting senior representatives from countries-participants at a series of events, under the theme “Achieving the Sustainability Development Goals”. The events showcase the smart technologies and how they can support the global initiatives.

With a view to extending the international business opportunities in the smart services sector, beyond Expo 2020, attendees include officials and senior representatives from many of Expo’s 192 country pavilions. Each event has been organized and focused on specific world regions, which allows the presentations to be customized to the dynamics of these markets.

The events are being held in the newly established regional HQ of Terminus Group, at Expo 2020, in the Al Wasl Dome.

The first event, held on 3 March, focused on micro-nations and island countries, including the likes of Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Comores, Timor, Dominican Republic, and Barbados. The second event saw representatives from African nations attended: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Angola, Sudan, Madagascar, Lesotho, Ivory Coast, Guinea. Within the presentations, hi-tech solutions for smart cities and supporting technologies that actively contribute to sustainability across a city or nation’s infrastructure.

Key topics discussed at the event include ‘Digital Twin’ technologies and the respective, proprietary smart solutions both Terminus Group and NOVA have in these areas. In the format of lively dialog, representatives of countries present specifying the benefits of the implementation of smart city technologies for the society, business and government.

Following the first event, Shayan Monelle, Investor Services Officer, Invest Dominica Authority, said: “The value of smart services and urban digitalization was clearly defined through the NOVA and Terminus Group presentations, and I can see how such technology will hugely benefit Dominica and its future infrastructure.

“It’s easy to see how city-wide, smart technologies could be easily deployed across all our production sectors – from tourism and agribusiness, to IT, the knowledge economy, the blue and green economy, and also the service sectors. Following this presentation, there is keen interest in the development of smart or AI CITY infrastructures – especially for communities and industrial areas, in Dominica,” said Monelle added.

The next events to be held will be dedicated to the regions of Asia, MENA, South America.
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