october 29, 2022

NOVA, together with its strategic partner Terminus, took part in GITEX GLOBAL 2022, the largest technology event in the world.

During the event, NOVA representatives held a number of meetings with our partners from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) government agencies.It can be noted that the trend towards the creation of Smart Cities has maintained its dynamics and has become even more relevant. The governments of the countries of this region are actively developing their own interdepartmental data transmission and storage systems for the implementation of sustainable development projects, for example, the creation of smart cities of the future.

NOVA team members also got acquainted with the latest solutions in promising areas of knowledge - 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud and peripherals, cybersecurity, fintech, blockchain, data analytics and smart cities.GITEX 1.pngGITEX 2.pngGITEX 3.pngGITEX 4.pngGITEX 5.pngGITEX 6.pngGITEX 7.png

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