NOVA participated in the Russian Breakfast in the framework of MIPIM 2019

march 15, 2019

On March 13, 2019, as part of the 30th MIPIM exhibition, the Russian Breakfast was held on topic of “WTF: What’s the Future? Investments in 2050”.

In a manner similar to MIPIM, the subject of which was the future in the next 30 years, Russian Breakfast considered the future of investments, the availability of information and blockchain, changing the format of real estate and financial products, and much more.

Denis Radzimovskii, CEO of NOVA, shared his impressions of MIPIM 2019 and Russian Breakfast: “I expected more significant changes from the exhibition. Despite the fact that there are stands dedicated to innovation, we mainly discuss very “ancient” topics. There were much fewer Russian participants. I liked the video from Russian Breakfast very much: many thanks to the event managers — the topic was set correctly. There was not enough practical information for specialists to explain how these innovations can be used, because the forecasts that this will be introduced in many years are not quite true. A lot is being implemented now.”

Source – CRE:

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