NOVA's summary of EXPO 2020

may 11, 2022

A month ago EXPO 2020 ended in Dubai, the largest international exhibition that showcased the achievements of all mankind, and the way different nations see the future. Our participation at EXPO 2020 has changed the status of NOVA  and brought us to the highest international level.

NOVA has showcased its digital platform NOVA Realty to the world and received excellent feedback from top experts and as well much interest from future users: government representatives of different countries, major core business structures and global investors.

NOVA's main success is entering into a partnership with TERMINUS GROUP - the leading AI service provider and main partner of EXPO 2020 Dubai, part of China Everbright Group, a $697 billion diversified holding company.

The headquarters of TERMINUS GROUP, located in the central square of EXPO 2020, hosted a number of joint events which were attended by government and business representatives from more than 60 countries.

In total, the NOVA team held more than 200 meetings with the target audience during the EXPO. Some of the countries that got most interested in NOVA's technologies include Oman, Malaysia, Angola, Solomon Islands, Jamaica, Sudan, El Salvador, Kenya, and Vanuatu. 

NOVA would like to thank all our partners, friends, and associates for their trust, help, and support!

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