NOVA team at EXPO 2020 Dubai | #4 week

november 28, 2021

The past week can be safely added to the asset of our company: new acquaintances, new positive feedback on the digital platform NOVA Realty. Also Malaysia, another developing country, has been added to the pool of promising regions from which our platform will start working.

At the beginning of the week, NOVA CEO Denis Radzimovsky met with Ahmed Khalifa, Vice President of Digital Operations at EXPO 2020 Dubai. During the meeting, matters of additional opportunities for the company's participation in EXPO were discussed.

We started presenting our digital platform to another group of future users - investors. NOVA Realty was showcased to Mr. Khalifa Albeshr, Chief Analyst for the UAE Branch of the Mubadala Global Investment Fund. The fund manages assets worth USD 243 billion. Mr. Khalifa Albeshr gave a very positive feedback about our platform, expressing the opinion that this is a natural evolution of working with real estate investments. We agreed to hold an expanded meeting to share the details of our project.

At the two-day Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit, we held a number of meetings, in which we would like to highlight the following:

- with Mustafa Orfali, economic consultant and representative of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Development Bureau. We discussed in detail the economic needs of Abu Dhabi and the benefits that NOVA Realty can bring to the development of the emirate;

- with representatives of the Dubai Electricity and Water Supply Authority, which is developing a large project - a solar panel station, which will be able to provide more than 40 thousand residential buildings with electricity;

- with Asma Said - Research and Development Analyst at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technologies of Dubai. We thoroughly discussed the technical details of our NOVA Realty platform.

As a result of the summit with all the participants in the meetings, we came to an agreement on further interaction and discussion of the platform in more detail in the near future.

We attended the important IT event Digital Transformation Summit at EXPO 2020 Dubai. After the summit, a meeting was held with Sarino Candido Tesandori, adviser to His Highness Sheikh Dubai Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi. He was interested in the prospect of interaction with NOVA and after communication we agreed to hold a meeting in an expanded format.

There, while developing a network of contacts, we met Salahuddin Almohammadi, Group IT Manager at HSA Group, Dubai. Our communication took place in a friendly manner, we discussed the principles of our work and the benefits of implementing the NOVA Realty platform for countries.

Our acquaintances are also evolving. For example, the Republic of Suriname - after the first warm reception with representatives of the country, we were invited to a business dinner in honor of the 46th anniversary of the country's independence.

There we met the first secretary of the Permanent Mission of Suriname to the UN - Mariam Macintosh. During the communication, Mariam highly appreciated our product and offered to demonstrate the prototype of NOVA Realty soon for further cooperation.

At the end of the week, we would like to note the great interest of the interlocutors in our project and the overall positive assessment of our digital platform NOVA Realty.









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