NOVA team at EXPO 2020 Dubai | #5 week

december 3, 2021

It has been a colorful week at EXPO 2020 - on behalf of the entire NOVA team, we congratulate the UAE on its Golden Jubilee. We admire this incredible country and wish it to continue to maintain the pace of growth and development that many countries around the world follow and look up to. We thank the UAE for the celebration and the opportunities that EXPO 2020 gives us. We are excited to share the latest news from our company.

NOVA is already making plans for the next world exhibition in Doha. At an event dedicated to EXPO 2023 we met Mohamed El-Alaily, one of the organizers of EXPO 2023. We discussed the topics of the exhibition itself, the format and the possibility of our company's participation and came to an agreement to hold an extended presentation by NOVA Realty for the delegation of Qatar on the topic of innovation and planning of urban spaces.
Also we continue to get acquainted with the technological leaders of the Celestial Empire. We had a meeting with TERMINUS GROUP which is one of the main partners of EXPO in Dubai. Our business communication took place in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. We discussed the potential interaction between the digital platform NOVA Realty and the AI CITY project. The outcome of the meeting was an agreement to exchange experience and mutual interest in further cooperation.
The list of acquaintances with representatives of the European Union was extended - at the Czech Science, Sustainable Energy & Smart Mobility event we met with Mr. Jiří František Potužník, the main representative of the Czech pavilion. During the communication we talked about our project - a unified digital platform NOVA Realty - and discussed the opportunities it provides to attract global investment funds to large real estate projects, which the Czech Republic is currently involved in.
We continue to communicate with the Gulf countries. This week we met with the director of the Qatar pavilion, Mr Mohammed Saeed Al-Bloshi, where we were received at the highest level. As a result of the meeting we came to the agreement that our project is very interesting for the economy of Qatar and we agreed to present NOVA Realty to the business delegation of Qatar which will come to the EXPO soon.
We also visited the Kuwaiti pavilion where we got acquainted with Mr. Saad Aljufaira. At the meeting we discussed attractive investment projects of Kuwait, which may appear on our digital platform NOVA Realty. Here the Kuwaiti authorities can act as users - we explained the details and basics of our digital platform. Following the meeting, we planned to make a more detailed presentation to our colleagues Mr. Saad Aljufaira, who represent the Chamber of Commerce and the Investment Department of Kuwait.
We continue to receive confirmation of the necessity of the NOVA Realty platform for the global real estate market, because it is designed not only to facilitate the interaction of market participants, but also to improve the quality of life for people around the world.





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