NOVA team at EXPO 2020 Dubai | #7 week

december 18, 2021

Once again, it is a bright week at the #EXPO2020. Repeated meetings flow into fruitful interaction, and new ones are very effective.

This week we had a repeated meeting with the Chinese technology company TERMINUS GROUP. The meeting lasted almost two hours and again we did not have enough time to discuss all the questions. We have found a lot in common between our companies and we can both see the synergy of our future cooperation. It looks like we have found a strong partner and like-minded person in TERMINUS GROUP.

We were happy to attend the event at the Estonian pavilion dedicated to the development of smart cities. We would like to note that NOVA is headquartered in this country. At the event, we met Ms. Kersti Kaljulaid, former president of Estonia, who gave a very interesting lecture on data processing from the perspective of the state. We also met Mr. Ralf-Martin Soe - Directors, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow. He works in a team that studies the technology of smart cities - Finest Twins within the Tallinn University of Technology. In addition to digital twins for buildings, they are developing digital twins for landscaping in order to manage the city more efficiently in general. Our understanding of the implementation of this technology is much the same, so we exchanged contacts and agreed to get in touch to discuss our cooperation.

It was an honor for us to personally meet the Rector of the University of Tartu, Mr. Toomas Asser, who is in charge of the city. Toomas Asser, who develops smart cities. We agreed to continue our cooperation electronically.

The list of new countries we made our first presentation to included Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana, East Timor, and Vanuatu. We thank the pavilion representatives of these countries for their hospitality and interest in NOVA Realty's global digital platform.

We would like to note that the technology of digital twins is marching around the planet - it is now possible to digitize a single green space, as well as an entire continent. We are very glad that more and more countries understand the need to create and implement Digital Twin - which means that we can develop our project much faster!









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