NOVA team at EXPO Dubai | Resume of 2021

december 28, 2021

Results of the first half of participation of the NOVA's team at Expo Dubai.

We want to summarize the first half of our company's participation at the world's largest Expo in Dubai.

We were going to EXPO with the aim to introduce as many countries as possible to our digital platform NOVA Realty which is being developed as a unified secure digital space for interaction between all participants of the global real estate market. 

During 8 weeks we have visited many events, both business: Urban & Rural Development Business Forum, World Majlis | THE BUSINESS OF COMPASSION and Digital Transformation Summit, and cultural — for example the championship for the world chess crown. 

During this time there were more than 60 business meetings. We have presented NOVA Realty to the authorities of more than 35 countries and have received positive feedback from them and willingness to cooperate. With some of them, such as Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, and Nigeria, we moved into the next phase of our relationship and started discussing the integration of NOVA Realty with national registries and databases. 

Also, we got acquainted with the major international companies: TERMINUS GROUP - part of the largest Chinese holding EVERBRIGHT, state holding company Mubadala - sovereign investment fund of Abu Dhabi emirate, Dubai Future Foundation - Dubai future development fund and holding company Alphabet - world-known search engine Google. We were pleased to learn that our visions for the development of the digital ecosystem of the global real estate market coincide. We agreed to continue to get to know each of these companies next year and find options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Overall, it has been a very busy two months. 

We thank everyone with whom we had time to talk at the Expo, those who got  inspired  with our ideas, those who inspired us, those who argued with us and those who agreed. And, especially, we thank those in whom we met like-minded people, ready to join our project to accelerate its development!

After the New Year holidays we will continue our participation in the World Expo in Dubai with fresh vigor and energy. And we are sure that even more new meetings and nice acquaintances are awaiting us!

See you in the new year of 2022!

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