The head office of NOVA company is moved to Dubai

march 3, 2022

Starting from March 1, NOVA will be headquartered in the UAE, Dubai, Regal Tower, Business Bay.

“The government of Dubai has done everything to create a very favorable business climate in the emirate for technology companies that want to conduct international business. Recently, a comfortable and favorable ecosystem has been created for entrepreneurs from all over the world. A large selection of special economic zones, favorable taxation, a stable economy and a good location between Asia, America and Europe make Dubai a unique place for international business.

As a fast-growing technology company aimed to actively work  worldwide, we have taken a close look at all of the business opportunities presented here and have made the strategic decision to relocate our headquarters to Dubai.

I am sure that having a headquarters in Dubai will greatly help us expand our network of international contacts with partners and future clients of our global digital platform NOVA Realty,” - comments his decision Denis Radzimovsky, CEO of NOVA.

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