Interview with the co-founder of NOVA for

CEO of NOVA Denis Radzimovskii talked to the magazine about how the high-tech platform project NOVA REAL ESTATE PLATFORM FOR PROFESSIONALS for the global real estate market is developing, the execution deadline, the company’s plans and the industry’s readiness for innovative services. The full interview is available on the website of the magazine:

NOVA participated in the Russian Breakfast in the framework of MIPIM 2019

On March 13, 2019, as part of the 30th MIPIM exhibition, the Russian Breakfast was held on topic of “WTF: What’s the Future? Investments in 2050”. In a manner similar to MIPIM, the subject of which was the future in the next 30 years, Russian Breakfast considered the future of investments, the availability of information and blockchain, changing the format of real estate and financial products, and much more. Denis Radzimovskii, CEO of NOVA, shared his impressions of MIPIM 2019 […]

NOVA has completed the process of choosing a jurisdiction to open an office in Europe

Over the past six months, NOVA has been deeply involved in the process of choosing a jurisdiction to open an office in Europe. The decision was made in favor of Estonia, as this country is now one of the world leaders in the field of information technology, as well as an industrial and logistics center with a developed sector of global business services. As IT technologies in Estonia have become a serious growth driver in all sectors, unique conditions have […]

Happy Holidays!

We wish you and your family happy holidays! May 2019 bring us new opportunities and victories! Health and success in the New Year!

End of the first round

The first round of choosing a financial partner for the NOVA project has ended. The project of the NOVA platform for professionals of the global real estate market caught the interest of investment funds actively working with the IT industry. During the round, there were presentations and working meetings with representatives of investment funds, as well as with a number of large private investors working in the IT sector. Negotiations are underway with several potential partners.

NOVA project was presented in Astana

On November 27, the meeting “New Investment Opportunities in the Age of IT Technologies” was held at the international industrial park Astana Hub with the assistance of Impulse Business Club. CEO of NOVA Denis Radzimovskii gave a speech at the event and told the participants about new approaches to investments in international projects using the example of the NOVA project, a blockchain platform for the global real estate market. As part of his speech, Denis Radzimovskii presented the project and […]

NOVA presented its project to private investors

As part of the selection round of the project’s financial partner, NOVA held a series of presentations of its project for private investors, a decentralized platform for the global real estate market, designed on basis of the distributed ledger control technology, also known as “blockchain”. The meetings were held at the company’s opened office in St Petersburg and at the “business club” in Moscow. The project was presented by CEO of NOVA Denis Radzimovskii. The concept of the NOVA platform, […]

NOVA entered the stage of disclosure

Our company completed the preparatory phase of the work, which included the development of business requirements for the platform, the elaboration of the business logic of the project, in-depth industry research, project evaluation, choice of jurisdiction, etc. At present, NOVA has reached the stage of disclosure: active networking, holding meetings with investors and project partners at the company’s office, and attending important industry events. In particular, the project team visited the international forum Blockchain Life 2018 last week. As part […]

Interview with the founder of NOVA for

CEO of NOVA Denis Radzimovskii talked to the magazine about how the NOVA service will help overcome the crisis in the global real estate market, the benefits of smart contracts and why states are interested in moving their registries to blockchain technology. The full interview is available on the magazine website:

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