Product updates #4

Within the current work period, we were focused on improving the technical capabilities of Terminal and Messenger components, and the general service functions of the platform. Additionally, we carried out operations on adapting architecture to the new product requirements.


The Terminal component:

•  We improved the functionality of cashflow assessment for industrial, infrastructure and agribusiness sectors.

•  We added new providers of digital signatures and designed the seamless integration with the DocuSign provider.

•  We added the new triggers (Obtaining permission to change the maximum height of future buildings, Removal of encumbrances from the property, etc.), which form the structure of the transaction.


The Messenger component:

•  We improved tools for attaching internal data to chat.

•  We added the feature of business chat.

•  We designed the seamless integration with use of Google Translate API.


Technical architecture and general features:

•  We upgraded the components architecture of the platform with the use of cloud driven IaaS solutions from the Google Cloud Platform.

•  We optimized the storage of images and documents, as well as the version control system.

•  We upgraded the microservices: Notification Service, Document Service, Image Service, Messaging Service, Localization Service.

•  We improved the data management model for Terminal and Messenger components.

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