NOVA Platform

is a comprehensive tool that enties all the components of the market and offers efficient management of financial flows, real estate and human resources.

With applications running on the NOVA platform, real estate market participants can interact with each other in a single information field on an equal basis.

NOVA Research

is an application which provides participants with a single information field of real estate market actual data and high quality analytics.

NOVA Research application principles:

  • Automatic permanent collection of reliable data from external sources
  • Data analysis with algorithm of machine learning
  • Creation of the best financial models for objects and territories given.

With the NOVA Research application we will have a multiple increase in the overall efficiency of each segment as well as the general investing attractiveness of the real estate market.

NOVA Terminal

is a decentralized application giving single field for cooperation for all participants of real estate market.

Advantage of using NOVA Terminal application:

Strict adherence
to all conditions of deal

of transaction expenses

Forwarding all
the stages of a deal

With the help of NOVA-based applications, real estate market participants will be able to interact with each other within one information field possesing equal rights.