Global digital platform for the integrated development and management of the global real estate market

NOVA Realty Digital Platform

  • Unified standards and rules


  • Unified information field


  • Unified space for safe and effective interaction


  • Interaction



    Safe digital environment for effective interaction of all participants, establishing new partnerships and completing real estate transactions

  • Modeling


  • Management


  • NOVA Community

    Niche social network that allows interaction with other participants in the real estate market (like-minded people, business partners and countries' representatives).

  • NOVA Knowledge Base

    This is a specialized knowledge base where all relevant and reliable information necessary for working with real estate is collected and stored.

  • NOVA Research

    An interactive geoservice that allows finding and exploring a property and its surrounding agglomeration.

  • NOVA Modeling

    Territory planning service that allows creating a digital model of a real estate object.

  • NOVA Legal

    Smart contract builder integrated with countries' regulatory frameworks.

  • NOVA Payment

    Omnichannel payment system.

  • NOVA Operation

    Project management service at all stages from design to operation.

Positive impact on the market

The issue of trust is being resolved. Participants can easily and safely interact with each other.

  • Optimization of business processes significantly reduces transaction costs


  • High-quality analytics increases the efficiency of the use of real estate


  • The ability to remotely carry out works of the full cycle of investment development


Positive impact on the planet

The new high-tech real estate market will become a driver of the global economy.

  • Social progress


  • Economic development


  • Responsibility for the environment


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