NOVA participated in the international conference MIPIM PropTech Europe

july 8, 2019

NOVA participated in the international conference MIPIM PropTech Europe, which was held in Paris from the 1st to the 2nd of July. At the conference, the company was represented by CEO of NOVA Denis Radzimovskii, and CBDO of NOVA Fedor Novikov.

Real estate is one of the largest and most valuable assets in the world. Nowadays, the evolution of the real estate market is possible only due to the latest technologies. That is why the PropTech segment is rapidly growing all over the world: the number of companies offering their developments and finished products is growing, new services and applications are appearing, business processes in development and investment companies are transforming.

The annual MIPIM PropTech Europe Conference provides an opportunity for real estate professionals and technology companies in the PropTech industry to plunge into the world of innovation, digital transformation and look into the future of the industry. This year, the number of conference participants and exhibitors has doubled, which also indicates the development of the PropTech segment.

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